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Utilities In Your Concrete

Utilities In Your Concrete

On occasion there can be utilities in concrete foundations, including radiant floor heat, electrical conduit, gas lines, and post tension cables. Drilling through any of these utilities can be dangerous and expensive to fix. VSI strives to be on the cutting edge of technology and equip its employees with tools to avoid damage to your home.

Radiant Floor Heat


Infrared cameras can be used to detect radiant floor heat in the concrete. VSI employees have access to these cameras and can use them to plan suction points that avoid water lines in the floor.

Ground Penetrating Radar

VSI is equipped with Ground Penetrating Radar which allows the installer to scan the floor and locate any possible hazards before drilling into the concrete. Having this equipment available allows the installers to scan the concrete and drill the suction points on the same day, saving time. VSI also saves the client money by not subcontracting this service which can cost upwards of $800 just to scan the floor.