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Troubleshooting Your System

Troubleshooting Systems

The following is a list of the more common questions and problems associated with radon reduction systems.

“My fan isn’t running/My U-tube is leveled out at zero”
“I need to get into my sump pit”
“The plastic sheeting in my crawl space balloons up”
“There is a gurgling sound coming from my radon pipe”
“My radon levels won’t go below 4pCi/L with an active system”

These are some steps to determine what kind of problem you actually have before calling. Your radon system may not even require servicing.

Some of these problems you may need us to come fix, some you may be able to take care of yourself, and others may just go away on their own.

“My fan isn’t running/My U-tube is leveled out at zero”

  • The U-tube manometer that measures fan operation has a small tube that runs off of the top and into the pipe itself. This is how it takes it’s readings. If the tube falls out for any reason the manometer will read as if the fan were not running. Reinsert or replace tubing if missing.
  • Current state regulations require that the circuit the radon fan is running on is properly labeled. Make sure the breaker that the radon fan is on did not trip.
  • If the fan is located in the attic, it’s powered by a simple outlet. Make sure that it didn’t just accidently get unplugged. If the fan is installed outside, there is a water-tight electrical box with an on/off switch on it located next to the fan. Some of these can be accidently flipped off. Make sure that your switch is in the “on” position.
  • When the system has been exposed to sub-zero temperatures for several days, the exhaust may freeze and stop working as a result. Don’t panic, this is actually supposed to happen in this situation. There is a sensor in the fan that senses when the fan is about to overheat, and it shuts itself off. You may still be able to hear the fan running despite the U-tube being at zero.If this is what happened in your case, the best thing you could do is . . . nothing. The fan will restart and clear on it’s own, usually once the temperatures are consistently in the 20os again. Turning the fan off will actually make it take longer for the system to thaw.
  • But the bottom line is that nothing lasts forever. So if your fan is not working, give us a call and we can replace it for you.
“I need to get into my sump pit”

  • By all means open your sump pit to make repairs to the pump.
  • Most of our sump covers are only caulked in place around the outside and are split for easy removal.
  • Re-caulk sump cover after repairs have been made with silicone caulk.

“The plastic sheeting in my crawl space balloons up”

  • It is common in the winter for the plastic in the crawl to get air pockets, it is not a bubble of radon.
  • Placing weight on plastic when plastic is flat will help prevent this.
  • Additional suction from the crawl may be needed.
“There is a gurgling sound coming from my radon pipe”

  • Please check your sump if you hear gurgling, radon systems can act as early warning devices if your sump pump has stopped working.

  • Pipe is pitched wrong or not enough.  2 inch pipe and smaller sizes tend to gurgle at elbows.
  • Repair: Adjust pitch of pipe to allow for drainage or increase pipe size.  Adding additional suction point to allow for drainage.
“My radon levels won’t go below 4pCi/l with an active system”

  • Sorry but this can’t be answered easily.
  • If you are in our work area contact us regarding inspecting your system.
  • If you are outside our area you will need to contact a local licensed or listed mitigation company to come out and perform diagnostic testing to determine the problem

If you have any questions regarding these or any other questions, don’t hesitate to call us.