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About VSI


VSI Radon Reduction Corp., formerly known as VSI Environmental (and Volsted Specialties Inc), is one of Illinois oldest and largest radon Reduction Companies.  We have been providing radon related services since 1987 with a 100% success rate with reducing radon levels to below the EPA limits.  VSI Radon Reduction Corp. has mitigated several thousand homes across the northern Illinois area and helped pioneer the standards adopted in the Illinois law that regulates radon mitigation.

The company president, Keith Volsted, has been instrumental in developing new instructional courses in radon mitigation and testing for the University of Chicago and Illinois Department of Nuclear Safety to teach new individuals entering the radon field as well as continuing education and informational talks to realtors and associations.

VSI is the only mitigation company in Illinois that has developed a state certified mitigation licensure course.

VSI Radon Reduction Corp. is fully insured and all employees are fully covered under workers’ compensation.  We do not use sub-contractors to install mitigation systems for YOUR protection. Click here to search for our and other company’s workers’ compensation insurance.

Thank you,

Keith Volsted
VSI Radon Reduction Corp.
27900 W. Concrete Dr
Unit D
Ingleside, IL 60041