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Passive Devices     View Passive radon testing devices

Passive radon testing devices do not need power to function. they include radon detectors such as charcoal canisters, alpha-track detectors, and charcoal liquid scintillation devices that are available in hardware stores, drug stores, other stores, and by mail, and electret ion chamber detectors generally only available through laboratories. They are exposed to the air in the home for a specified period of time and then sent to a laboratory for analysis. Both short-term and long-term passive devices are generally inexpensive. Some of these devices may have features that offer more resistance to test interference or disturbance than other passive devices. Professional radon testers may use any of these devices to measure the home's radon level.

Active Devices     View Active Radon Testing Devices

Active radon testing devices require power to function. Active radon detectors such as continuous radon monitors and continuous working level monitors require operation by trained testers. They work by continuously measuring and recording the amount of radon or its decay products in the air of the home. Many of these devices provide a report of this information which can reveal any unusual or abnormal swings in the radon level during the test period. A professional tester can explain this report to you. In addition, some of these devices are specifically designed to deter and detect test interference. Currently, some of the technically advanced active devices offer the most extensive device interference features. Although these tests may cost more, they may ensure a more reliable result.

The following pictures are of various testing devices you may encounter at the store or when hiring a measurement professional.  Approximate length of exposure times are given. Minimum testing length to determine if you have radon is 48 hours.

Passive radon testing devices.
Air Chek Device Air Chek, charcoal test bag
Professional and home test kits available.

2-7 day test are available.
4inch Charcoal Device 4" open face charcoal testing device.

2-7 day test.
sitilation.jpg Charcoal Scintillation vial.

2-7 day test are available.
Alpha track detector Alpha track detector.

30 days to 1 year.
RadtrakRadtrak alpha track detector.
Note: Alpha track detectors should not be hung on outside walls or from heating vents.

30 days to 1 year.
RTCA monitor with case closedRTCA monitor case.

Various monitor cases exist, most contain one or more passive devices and tampering sensitive monitors such as movement, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, carbon monoxide and others.
RTCA monitor - case openRTCA monitor case open.

Two charcoal devices with a temperature/humidity monitor and movement sensor.
E-PermE-perm detector.
Generally only used by professionals.

Testing length can vary.

Active Radon Testing Devices
All continuous monitors listed below have the ability to take hourly measurements and provide printed reports.
Femto-Tech RS-410 Femto-Tech RS-410
Can be used to take grab samples in as little as 5 minutes.
Can be left for longer term testing, generally used as a 2-7 day test device.
Femto-Tech CRM-510Femto-Tech CRM-510
2-7 day test.
Picture shows what a printout looks like.
Professional radon monitor, now Sun Nuclear.
Older models may be named "AT EASE", in Illinois all older models have been upgraded to record hourly.
2-7 day test.
Sun NuclearSun Nuclear Model 1027

Generally used as 2-7 day test.
Radalink Radon TeleMonitorRadalink Radon TeleMonitor.
2-7 day test.
RTCA Radon Monitor RTCA Radon Monitor
2-7 day test.

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